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Modell: Elimat 700 SS | Hersteller: Custom built/Eigenbau | Kategorie: Gebrauchtboot
<b>Remarks :</b>
This boat is made of aluminium and has a Vm Motori –MR 706 HL interior engine with a power of 235 KW/319.60 CV. It runs on diesel and has a fuel capacity of 200 litres. The boat has a length and beam of 6.95 x 2.45 meters and can accommodate up to 12 passengers plus the captain. It has a cruise speed of 25 knots and a maximum speed of 45 knots. The boat is equipped with two bilge pumps and an A.I.S. system.

It has been dry-docked since 2020 when it was pulled out of the water and docked in a dry marina.
The boat can perform three very interesting manoeuvres, due to the shallow draft and the design of the hull, the first one being
the skidding on the water in any of the turns, they only need to reach speed to be able to do it.
In the turning manoeuvres, it is possible to reach a higher level, being able to make a 180º or even a 360º turn (this will depend more on the skipper's skill, as well as on the speed and weight of the boat).
speed and weight, and the state of the sea).
Finally, the star manoeuvre, which is to pass through the wave, in fact, it is the boat itself that lifts it, and then passes through it; once the skipper has reached speed, he performs a braking manoeuvre, where he hits the bow of the boat, lifting the wave at that moment and crossing it, this wave reaches all the passengers, which is an experience of excitement and adrenaline for them; when water is taken on board, it quickly leaves the boat through some scuppers for this purpose, and they can continue their journey again.

<b>Accommodation :
</b>Passenger capacity: 12+patron

</b>Capacidad de pasajeros: 12+patrón

<b>Inventory :

Year: 2009
List: 6º
Hours: 625
Length and beam: 6.95 x 2.45 m.
Two bilge pumps
Other accessories: A.I.S.

Año: 2009
Lista 6º
Horas: 625
Eslora y manga: 6,95 x 2,45 m.
Dos bombas de achique
Otros accesorios: A.I.S.

<b>Mechanical :
Engine: Vm Motori –MR 706 HL interior
Power: 235 KW/319.60 CV
Engine type: 4 T
Fuel type: Diesel
Fuel capacity: 200 l
Hull material: Aluminum
Cruise speed: 25 N
Maximum speed: 45 N

Motor: Vm Motori -MR 706 HL interior
Potencia: 235 KW/319,60 CV
Tipo de motor: 4 T
Tipo de combustible: Diesel
Capacidad de combustible: 200 l
Material del casco: Aluminio
Velocidad de crucero: 25 N
Velocidad máxima: 45 N
  • Länge:
    6,71m (22 Fuß)
    2,44m (8 Fuß)
  • Rumpfmaterial:
  • Motor:
    1. VM Motori
  • Motorleistung:
    319 PS (235 kW)


€ 32.000

MwSt. nicht bezahlt
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